Tuesday, February 10, 2009


There is nothing so final as death.
It has been almost 14 months since my Dad died. The absence of his voice still catches me unaware at times.
There have been many times that I have picked up the phone to call him and share with him some story of what one of my kids has said or done......I have always caught myself and stopped the dialing process.
I can tell myself that from the beginning of time sons have lost their fathers to death and it only makes me wish with more desire for the return of Christ.
I know that God will return and that heaven and earth will be remade with no sin and no death.
That helps but there are still times that I long to hear my Dad laugh and I need to feel his hand on my shoulder and hear his voice giving me wise advice.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

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6 Random Things About Me

1. I read.....a lot,.. westerns, sci/fi, Christian, mostly those categories

2. I am anti government, I am a Boston Tea Party kind of guy

3. I love board games, and card games, even though we don't play much

4. I love going to the movies

5. I love being involved in Boy Scouts

6. I love my family fiercely!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Topic : Pro "Choice" Gay "Rights"

Congratulations to left.

They spoke loud and clear this election.

Obama, the Senate and the Congress all are in where their supporters want them to be.
So no excuses...get this mess cleaned up, right? Isn't that what Hussein Obama said? put him in and he'll fix it all.
Now I hear you saying that we must all have patience because it's all really messy and it's gonna be hard.
So whats new, politicians lying to get in office and then lying to cover their butts and lying to cover their lies. Most politicians are about the same in either one of the 2 main parties.
If it wasn't for the abortion issue and gay rights issue I would have a hard time telling either party apart.
As for the abortion issue, I read an article by Gary De Mar on the American Vision website that does give me a different perspective.
"Liberals should be the first to self limit since contraception is their liturgy and abortion their sacrament. They should be making every inhibitor to reproduction legal to them and those within their cirlce of influence."
He goes on to say that if we give them their rope maybe they'll hang themselves with it, and large Christian families that don't make a practice of killing their unborn will triumph in the end.
As for gay rights, they have more rights than hetero people do. Can't they choose to marry someone of the opposite sex and live with some one of the same sex? I am limited by my belief in the Bible, if I am limited by God's word I can't make that choice.
So why are they screaming about their rights... ?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

They sat them down to weep

Well, I lost the password to my old blog, so I started a new one, maybe I can keep the posts going often enough that I won't forget all of the log on info.

Great message today at church, one of the elders at our church used a quote from John Milton, Paradise Lost

{Covered, but not at rest or ease of mind,

They sat them down to weep; nor only tears

Rained at their eyes, but high winds worse within

Began to rise, high passions, anger, hate,

Mistrust, suspicion, discord; and shook sore

Their inward state of mind, calm region once

And full of peace, now tost and turbulent:

For Understanding ruled not, and the Will

Heard not her lore; both in subjection now}

If you didn't know, Milton is writing of Adam and Eve and how things changed when sin entered the world.

The passage that was quoted really spoke to me.

When I think about different times in my life when my eyes were opened to a different view point of whatever was going on,

when you see that the person you've looked up to is human also and so subject to the character flaws and pitfalls that we are all subject to.

It helps me to know that Robin and I are doing the right thing when it comes to homeschooling and trying to preserve our children's innocence as long as possible, because once it's gone, what comes in its place is what Milton describes above.

Friday, October 17, 2008


I have been so blessed. All of my life God has kept me. Even when I willfully stray He continues to pull me back to His fold.